Monday, June 29, 2015

Market time again!

Last week we packed up our goods and headed over to the Ashland farmers market for their sustainability day and we had one of our best selling days ever! The weather was gorgeous, the people were friendly, and the feedback from customers was beyond supportive and positive. I even had a few people run back to my booth around closing time to pick up some more goods. Overall a wonderfully successful day that not only re-motivated me, but made me realize that following my dreams isn't so crazy after all!

We set up shop with our usual tent, but this time added a nice new handmade sign. A definite plus for getting our name out there! Although some people were wondering where the papayas were...And please ignore Axel who looks so thrilled in the background of every picture. I swear, he really was excited to be there!

There was a huge turnout for the market's sustainability day event. All the vendors had a focus on reusable and sustainable products, so our produce bags, totes, mason jar tumblers and mug sleeves were a definite hit.

I'm super bummed that I had to cancel my next date at this market because of our family trip (although woohoo Disney, here we come!), but I'm hoping that another date will open over the summer.

Getting such positive feedback and new ideas was so inspiring and motivating to keep me going with my little shop. I can't wait until the next few crazy busy weeks settle down so I can re-focus on things and set some serious goals!

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time!

Alyssa/Amaia Papaya Shop

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  1. Good stuff, we also have such market where young entrepreneurs show case their work and people admire is as well. Thank you for sharing your experience with us


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